Jessica Nkosi talks Clinique


Clinique recently announced actress and model Jessica as their influencer collaboration. We have a quick one on one with the model…

By: Keletso Modisakeng 

1.What beauty tips did you receive as a child and still use to date?

Always wash your face and remove all make-up before you go to bed to avoid product build-up that could cause breakouts.

2. Ladies should use make-up to…

Enhance the beauty they already have.



3. How did the news from Clinique change your life?

It has been a dream come true to be an influencer and partner with such an amazing global brand.

4. What does Clinique mean to you?

Being able to achieve naturally beautiful skin and still be YOU!

5. Your hair is….

Beautiful and always kept in a great condition.


6. How does knowing your features help?

Knowing your features will enable you to enhance them. My lashes are my favourite, so the right mascara helps lengthen and volumise them.

7. Finding your foundation colour means….

Being in the skin you were born with. This makes finding your perfect foundation match important.

8. What beauty trend do you love this season?

Bold lips…I have come out of my shell exploring the new, bold and amazing lipsticks in various trendy colours.