How to wash your face


Cleansing your face is important as it keeps your skin fresh and renewed. Washing it correctly also ensures maximum performance of treatments and moisturizers, which allows them to penetrate deeper and be more effective. There are a lot of products on the market, which can make picking the right one for your skin type confusing.

A good cleanser removes makeup, oil, and dirt, and still leaves your face feeling soft. If you have dry skin, go for a moisturizing cleanser. Gel or foam cleansers work well for oily skin.

Here are 5 products to consider:

1. Bar soaps – Previously, using bar soaps was a definite no-no because they stripped off everything from your skin. Now, bar soaps are back with gentle ingredients that are less harsh on your skin.

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2. Micellar water – Also known as cleansing water, this doesn’t look like your normal cleanser because it has a very wet consistency. All you need is a cotton pad to cleanse your face; no rinsing required.

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3. Foam cleansers – These last longer than other cleansers because you need a small amount to work up a nice lather that cleans the whole face. However, it can leave your face feeling really dry. It is perfect for combination and oily skin types.

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4. Oil cleansers – These offer the most gentle and effective way of cleansing your face. They are best suited for make-up that is hard to remove, and will leave your skin feeling smooth and supple. Oil cleansers are suitable for all skin types, including oily skin.

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5. Gel cleansers – These are smooth and rinse out easily. They also keep the skin’s natural pH balance. Most of them are formulated with brightening acids, so some can be too dehydrating for dry skin. They are most suitable for acne-prone and normal-to-oily skin types.

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Tips for cleansing your face

  • Change your facecloth regularly to avoid bacteria build-up.
  • Use warm water; hot water can burn your skin and cause irritation.
  • Don’t use body soap on your face as it can alter the pH level. Rather use beauty facial bars if you prefer bar soap.
  • Do not rely completely on face wipes to remove make-up at night. Wash your face properly every second night.