Dineo’s Motherhood Beauty Diary


We chat to Dineo Ranaka about all-things beauty as a mother.
What comes to mind when you think of beauty?

For me, beauty goes deeper than the skin. I think once you learn to shut out the negativity, have a good heart and spirit then your beauty will shine through. A healthy body will give you all the beauty you need, inside out. We read about it all the time but never apply it to our lives. Start within and the rest will fall into place.

Has your definition of beauty been the same throughout the years or has it changed with age?

Beauty has always been the same for me and I never worried about what the media portrayed beauty to be. I have always been an “inner beauty” type of person and not for the beauty you can clean off at night.


What are your go-to facial care products and why?

I have been blessed to have a healthy skin that adapts to anything. Call me cheap and free but anything goes. I use whatever I can reach while bathing, if it’s the soap I wash my body with then so be it.

What skin routine do you live by to help keep your skin looking and being healthy?

Maybe I should have been a boy *LOL*. I am not one for the pretty girl things when it comes to face care. I don’t do the 10 minutes routine of cleansing, toning and all; I wash and go.


As a mother, what advice do you have for other mothers to share with their daughters?

We live in a world where the blame is easily shifted when we can’t manage everything on our own. It’s not the dolls or what is on TV or magazines that should determine what your child’s thoughts are when it comes to being pretty. Your child’s first five years are the most important years because that’s when you build the foundation about what they think, see and understand. Yes, they will also see what the world thinks, but your word is set in stone.

What hair care tips do you have for other mothers?

This goes out to anybody and not just mothers. Your hair is your crown, so take good care of it. Our hair is naturally dry, so no matter what hairstyle you have, with or without extensions, you need to keep your hair moisturised. Always base your scalp to keep the roots and hair follicles healthy. You don’t need to see it as a chore, do it while watching TV, ask your man to help you, anyone really, as long as your hair gets all the moisture it needs. Yes, our hair is dry and prone to breakage but that is no excuse to keep smelly hair – it’s important to wash your hair once every week to two weeks.