4 must-try nail colours this season

must-try nail colours this season

It’s time to hit refresh on this season’s nail colours. Instead of playing it safe with bright shades, opt for something dark and sultry. Whatever the occasion, there is a style for everyone. Our beauty editor Grace Mantjiu shows you how to turn your dark shades into a showstopping manicure.

Here are 4 must-try nail colours this season:

1. Matte effect. Switch your go-to shiny nail polish for a matte one. Although understated, matte polish is one of the biggest trends this year. If you are new to it, start with a nude colour and build your way up with vibrant shades such as plum or red.

Tip: Apply base coat to protect your nails from stains. It also creates a perfect base for your nail polish.

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2. True blue. Dark colours such as navy, brown and black are not for everyone. But, you can still rock them by painting one or two nails in different colours such as glitter or metallic. Make your manicure last longer with a gelish dip similar to one from Morgan Taylor instead of a normal nail polish.

 3. Orbit trend. This trend connects the line between the conventional manicure and nail art. If you are bold, outline your nail polish all around the nail covering both the bottom and top.

Tip: Dry flaky skin is as bad for your nails as it is for your face. Moisturise with cuticle oil for nourishment.

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 4. Abstract burgundy. Do you have an arty streak? Then this unexpected bold burst of colour art is perfect for you. Play around with different shades to create a graphic abstract look. You can do this on all fingers or choose two, then paint the rest in a solid colour.