10 Beauty hacks to try at home

Woman Applying Lip Gloss

Looking good should not feel like a chore. So, here are 10 tricks that will have you looking stunning in no time!

  1. When applying foundation, start at the centre of your face (around your nose) and blend towards the outside. Applying the other way around will make it appear as if you’re wearing a mask around the hairline and jawline.
  2. Tired of redoing your cat-eye liner a few times because it doesn’t come out straight enough? Use your bank card to make it straight and perfect.
  3. Use white eyeliner on the inside of your lower lid to open up your eyes.
  4. Did you buy a slightly darker shade of foundation by mistake? Don’t return it; just mix it with your day moisturiser to lighten it up.
  5. Make your lipstick last longer by holding tissue over your lips after application, and dusting with translucent powder.
  6. Use your old toothbrush to clean a clogged hairdryer.
  7. Hide old gel manicure that’s growing out by adding glitter. Not only will it look like a nail trend, but it will also last for another week.
  8. Prevent lipstick off your teeth by sticking your finger in your mouth after applying, then pulling it out. The excess lipstick will be on your finger and not your teeth.
  9. Get rid of dry, cracked heels by applying petroleum jelly after washing them. Cover up with socks to seal in the moisture. Do this at night for optimum results.
  10. Dry your nail polish faster by dipping your hands in cold water for five minutes after application.