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Chocolate lamington

The chocolate lamington was named after Charles Wallace Baillie, Lord Lamington, who was the governor of Queensland, Australia, from 1895. Lord Lamington was known...
fantastic health benefits of chocolate

5 fantastic health benefits of chocolate

Here are a few fantastic health benefits of chocolate.

5 minutes with DJ Fix

We sat down with the vivacious presenter for a quick chat.
Sticky Chocolate And Dates recipe

Sticky Chocolate And Dates

Get your chocolate fix here.
Chilli Chocolate Drink recipe

Chilli Chocolate Drink

Cheat on your diet with this quick and easy chilli chocolate drink
Chocolate Banana recipe

Chocolate Banana

Try this restaurant-worthy, easy-to-make dessert on a home-style budget.
Chocolate Love Cakes recipe

Chocolate Love Cakes

When the only thing that can get you through the week is chocolate.
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