Zoleka Mandela welcomes baby number 5!

Zoleka Mandela welcomes baby number 5

Zoleka Mandela has welcomed baby number 5. In a lengthy post shared on her social media, the star shared that after 5 hours of labour, she gave birth to her baby girl, Zenzile Mutoba Bashala. So adorbs!

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Zoleka Mandela welcomes baby number 5! We wish her all the best!


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You guys, I woke up this morning and got up before everyone else to attend to the house – I was trying to pack last night’s clean dishes when MY WATER BROKE!!! ? I was in LABOUR for close to 5hrs before Mr. Bashala and I BIRTHED our daughter, ZENZILE MUTOBA BASHALA, 6dys before our scheduled birth date!!! ? There were a few unexpected complications which resulted in her INCUBATION – BUT she’s literally STILL passed out on my chest … I’m way too excited to sleep off the wearing off of my EPIDURAL and exhaustion … ? I AM BLESSED MUCH MORE THAN I TRULY DESERVE!!! Thanking God, My Day One (my grandmother), my babies in Heaven – Zenani and Zenawe for my MIRACLE!!! ?? #ZenzileBashala #BabyBashala #BashalaFamilyLove #LittleMissBashala #MrsAndMsBashala #MrsBashala #38YrOldMotherOf5

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