Zinhle Mabena’s Hair Tales


We caught up with Zinhle Mabena who plays Sihle in Mzansi Magic’s soapie Isibaya. The petite and gorgeous young actress speaks about one of the biggest problems ladies have…hair.


What is your secret to having a healthy hairline?

Don’t put too much stress on your hair by pulling it. I always allow my hair to breath by taking breaks between hairstyles. Girls tend to undo their weaves or braids, wash their hair and then immediately pull on their hair with the braids/weaves again. This damages your hair and scalp.

Are you a weave or braids girl?

I use to be a weave girl, I loved having the long locks but now I am a braids girl. I don’t know if it’s because of Isibaya or if it is the latest fashion trend but I have become a braids girl. I find that braids are so versatile. You can change your hairstyle at the snap of your fingers.

Who is your hairstyle icon?

I used to have long hair but since I have cut it I love and look up to Gail Mabalane. Her hair is always gorgeous and she doesn’t have extensions.

What is your take on colouring hair?

I have never coloured my hair and don’t see myself doing it in the near future. I guess it’s the trauma of thinking that your hair might fall out. I know it’s a bad misconception but the only chemical treatment I have done is to relax my hair.


Would you ever go bald?

I think my head is too big to go bald so I would rather go extremely short with natural hair. I feel that bald hair restricts you in terms of what you wear and the different looks you can achieve. Maybe I am spoiled with long hair and the volume that comes with it.

Beyoncé vs Rihanna

That’s an obvious choice for me, my girl Rihanna always looks great. I love how Riri is a free spirit, what you see is what you get. Her hairstyles may not always be great guidelines but I love how she embraces who she is.

What hair care tips have you learned from a young age?

I know in the black community we always have fights with the hairstylist trimming our hair, but it’s something that is needed. Trimming your hair cuts the dead and splits ends off and allows healthy hair to grow. Healthy hair grows faster and thicker.

What hair tips do you have for our readers?

No matter what hairstyle you have, never tie your hair too tightly because this will strain your hairline and pull it out from the roots. Always comb your hair out because if you don’t, your hair makes knots, which will break your hair when you comb/brush it out later. I keep my scalp moisturised all the time. Base your scalp before you go to bed and no matter what hairstyle you have, make sure that you wrap your hair at night.