Worst Of Beyoncé And Amber Rose


Celebrities are always known to be trendsetters and we all have our go-to people for looks we would like to try. Beyoncé and Amber Rose have sadly disappointed us and went from hits to misses with their new hairstyles.



Queen B has been spotted out and about having fun with her family in Paris. She shared her new hairstyle which is a “Don’t try this at home” for us. It’s an edgy rock punk and we all know Beyoncé is more a lady than punk. We love her, but agree that she can leave it in Paris.


Amber Rose


It has been reported that Amber is not taking her divorce well and is doing everything but remove the tattoo of her ex, Wiz, off her arm. The bold blonde has added love to her head, yes hearts. It’s not Valentine’s Day so the love can remain in her heart.