We review a novel by Nthikeng Mohlele titled Michael K

novel by Nthikeng Mohlele titled Michael K

Our features writer, Fundiswa Nkwanyana tells us about the book that made her cancel all her plans for some quiet reading time.

We review a novel by Nthikeng Mohlele titled Michael K

After reading the first few pages, I already knew that I would not be able to put it down and that I had to cancel some plans so I could spend uninterrupted time with this intriguing book. This is how beautifully crafted it is, it pulled me in ever so gently and before I knew it I felt like a resident of Dust Island, peeping at Michael K as he went about his life. 

So basically the story is told through a narrator who is fascinated and confused by the mysterious Michael K. Even though the book is largely based on figuring out who this Michael K character is, other themes such as solitary, mental wellbeing and inventiveness are interwoven into the story giving it depth and intimacy between the close but yet so distant characters.

What I love the most about this book is that inspired me to take a closer look at the characters in my life and embrace them for who they are without judgment because there is so much beauty in our uniqueness and flaws. I highly recommend that you read this book and escape into a world of mystery and intrigue.

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