WATCH: Zizobini Tunzi’s first interview as Miss Universe

Zizobini Tunzi's first interview as Miss Universe

Zizobini Tunzi took her first interview since winning the Miss Universe title on American talk show, Good Morning America. During the interview, the star shared how she felt about winning the title and the importance of teaching young girls to become leaders.

Speaking on encouraging young girls to take space she said in part, ” I feel so strongly about it and it’s something we should be taught as young girls. And grow up into women who really want to insert themselves in spaces of power and not feel shy about wanting to be powerful and a leader.”

Zozibini also shared that by winning the title, she was able to shatter the stereotypes people have about beauty. She said in part, “I think we accomplished that. But I think I would have accomplished it either way just by being on that stage and representing women who look like me. And not just women who look like me really, but women who felt that they’ve been misrepresented before, haven’t seen a different kind of beauty. It could have been a different body size, different skin, some people have freckles that they’re trying to embrace about themselves. And so I was hoping to change that narrative and to say look women are multifaceted. We’re not all the same and that we shouldn’t be boxed into one type of beauty.”

On being part of the first time in history that all four major pageant titles are held by black women, Zozi expressed her excitement. She shared in part, “It feels fantastic. We come from such a racially divided world and so for us to be moving forward in unity and together to say look these are women that have rarely been celebrated in the past and now finally people are starting to see the greatness within us. I’m so happy to be a part of this trio because I’ve been following them for a while and it was such a beautiful thing to watch.”

Take a look at Zizobini Tunzi’s first interview as Miss Universe.