WATCH: Vuyo Dabula stars in a new movie


Actor Vuyo Dabula is popularly known for his role as Gadaffi on Generations: The Legacy, chats to us about his role in Five Fingers for Marseilles. By Fundiswa Nkwanyana

When I read the script, I immediately wanted to be in the movie. I fell in love with the innovative storyline that explores South African themes in a Western context. I understood the importance of the movie and felt the emotions of the characters. Its uniqueness appealed to me because I had never heard of a story like that before.

I attended the auditions, eager to get the part. I was ready and excited to play Tau, the tough guy with subtle warmth and vulnerability. I love portraying his larger-than-life personality that makes you either hate or love him.

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Shooting the movie on the outskirts of the Eastern Cape was emotionally and physically taxing. The weather conditions were intense as it was very cold most of the time. My wardrobe was minimal, and I often had to brave the weather. Though it was hard, I’m glad that I endured it as it made me tap into my emotional strength. And, I was able to deliver a stellar performance.

The movie will hit South Africa’s cinemas on 6 April 2018. I believe that people will love it because the cast is amazing. Also, the movie was shot beautifully and the story is remarkable. It is action-packed with hand-fighting and gun-shooting scenes that tie in with well. I’m so excited, and can’t wait for my fans to watch it.

Here’s a teaser of Vuyo Dabula in action here: