WATCH: Stephanie and Hungani Ndlovu share their proposal story

Stephanie and Hungani Ndlovu share their proposal story

Newlyweds Stephanie and Hungani Ndlovu have shared their sweet proposal story. This comes a week after they gave us an inside look at their intimate wedding.

The couple opened up about the special moment in a video shared on their YouTube channel. In the clip, Hungani shared that his romantic proposal to Stephanie which included an airplane ride was delayed by the weather. But, a little while after arriving at the airport, the weather opened up and he was able to pop the question as planned. He said in part; “We went out onto the tar, got onto this four-seater little plane. I won’t lie, I was a little nervous, it was small. So then we took off and we got to see parts of Pretoria, parts of Hartebees, and then we circled around and we landed.”

While landing, Hungani ensured that a camera crew was ready to capture the special moment on tape. He added; “And then we got off the flight and I had prepared this whole speech. I wrote it down, I knew when I was getting down on the knee, everything was literally to the tee. And, I saw crickets.”

Speaking on the proposal, Stephanie explained that she didn’t expect the proposal. She said in part; “And then I turn around and he’s on one knee and I’m thinking what on earth is going on. And I left him there on his knee with no answer. I just walked away. I could not believe this because it was so unexpected in terms of what we had planned because we’re both pretty big planners. And so in terms of what we had planned, there was still another year to go so he fast-tracked this whole thing by a year. So I was completely thrown off.”

Stephanie and Hungani Ndlovu share their proposal story. Take a look at the full video here.