WATCH: Kelly Rowland encourages women to embrace their hair

Kelly Rowland encourages women to embrace their hair

Grammy award-winning singer Kelly Rowland is on a mission to encourage women to love and embrace their hair. The star partnered with personal care brand, Dove to create an inspiring song titled Crown.

The song is accompanied by a video of young girls who share their experiences of being bullied for having different hair. This moves into the girls embracing their locks. So cool!

Kelly Rowland encourages women to love their hair. What do you think?


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Kelly also shared a sweet message where she dedicated the song to her younger self.


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?My Dearest Kelly,? Let me start by saying what a smart young lady you are, you were born a Queen! And even though the world doesn’t show you enough beautiful images of yourself, you are one of a kind, and don’t let ANYONE tell you different. I wrote a song for you, about your “Crowning Glory!” I hope you like it! I know you don’t hear it much, how “Beautiful Your hair is”, your unique and various textures and colors, that make you UNIQUE and SPECIAL. Just know, no one wears your CROWN like you Baby Girl! And you don’t have to look like ANYONE ELSE! You are Kelly Rowland and special in your own right, Contrary to anyone else’s standards! Love Yourself, Respect Yourself, and hold your head high for all to see! I love you & your glorious “Crown” YOU SO FLYYYY! P.S. Now go and tell every girl you know the same, she needs to hear it! ?

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