WATCH: Exclusive interview with Lasizwe & Nomatriquency

interview with Lasizwe

Thulasizwe Dambuza well-known by his fans as Lasizwe is an online skit maker turned media personality who has been creating relatable content from real-life experiences which his fans have grown to appreciate. Nomatriquency, one of the characters in Lasizwe’s skits, had an exclusive interview with Lasizwe on his new weekly reality show on MTV.

Becoming Lasizwe

Having started making skits when he was still in high school, Lasizwe has always managed to find angles which would leave you laughing until your tummy hurts and leave you thinking; ‘damn, that’s happened to me before’.





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And while it’s all fun and games until you go viral and attract the right attention, Lasizwe created a skit about the ‘Doom’ saga which went viral and chartered his career in a direction he never imagined. Ever since we have been hearing Lasizwe on our radio, seeing him on our television screens and on billboards.





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How to deal with negative people ? in your life ?Tag your friends #siznation #sizwesvids #IwillDOOMyou


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Take a look at our exclusive interview with Lasizwe & Nomatriquency

We invited Nomatriquency, who is one of the characters Lasizwe created for his skits, to join us in the studio and interview Lasizwe about his journey, and of course his new weekly reality TV show which you can tune in to every Monday at 21:30 on MTV channel 130.

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