WATCH: Ciara and Russell Wilson share their first date story

Ciara and Russell Wilson share their first date story

One of our favourite couples Ciara and Russell Wilson recently shared details their first date story during an Instagram Live.

Image: Ciara IG

Russell shared that he asked Ciara out on a date that was to take place after 10 pm after attending a business dinner. But, Ciara couldn’t make it so he moved his business meeting so they could meet up earlier. He said in part; “I told the people I was having the business dinner with I told them ‘hey listen I’m gonna have to wait and have dinner at 10:30’. I said (to Ciara) let’s link up in 15 minutes and sure enough we did. And that was it. That was a wrap”

He continued, “And the I compleletely forgot about the dinner, I completely forgot about the 10:30 dinner. Next thing I know it was 12 o’clock, 12:30 and I was sold on you.”

Speaking on the date, Ciara shared; “I guess you can say in the time of us talking, we were just talking for a long time. And sometimes when he was talking to me I’m not gonna lie, I was kind of hearing him but I wasn’t like the words were going over my head a little bit because I was like ‘he’s so beautiful.'”

Russell also shared that Ciara wasn’t the only one who was praying for her partner. He revealed that he did the same too. He shared in part; “I wanted a long-lasting relationship. I wanted love. I wanted kids. I wanted family. I didn’t want perfection; I wanted the perfect thing for me. Anyway, so I ended up writing down five non-negotiables because, really, marriage is a partnership. It’s a business deal in a way but really, it’s a partnership…like, if we’re gonna do this forever, how are we gonna partner up and do this?…When you go into a partnership or a business-type deal, you want to think about, what are your non-negotiables? This is what I want, this is what I have to have, and this is what I’m looking for…I had to write down what those were.”

Ciara and Russell Wilson share their first date story. Take a look.