Video: Turban Wrap Tutorial


Head wraps are a great accessory that allows you to play with style and add character to your image.  Use silk, cotton or printed material to create your head wrap.


When bandanas made waves in the 90s, famous rapper Tupac made them a hit by wearing it backwards. The style has made a reappearance and looks good when you use a bandana or a small scarf.

How to

Step 1

Take your square scarf and fold it into a triangle.

Step 2

Wrap the fold of the scarf around the edge of the back of your head.

Step 3

Tie the two tips tightly in the front of your head making sure that the lose tip of the triangle is underneath the knot.

Step 4

Retie the two tips to create a second knot and add volume.

Step 5

Pull the bottom tip forward to help tighten the head wrap then tuck it in over the knot.

Watch our How to video below for a quick tutorial