Unathi Msengana talks Shield and fitness


Radio and TV presenter Unathi Msengana is one of the Shield ambassadors and we had 5 minutes with her to talk about her healthy lifestyle.

By: Keletso Modisakeng  

1.Tell us about the time Shield asked you to be its brand ambassador.

The first time was in 2008, and I still remember because Shield campaigns are always fun. They’re not just about standing up and telling people that I use Shield; they are always befitting of whatever campaign we’re doing. The first campaign I worked on was to try not to use Shield for five days. I will never forget those itchy, smelly, hot and uncomfortable days!

2. How has Shield changed or influenced your life? 

I started using deodorants when I was a teenager, and my journey with Shield has been incredible. But, I wasn’t as focused on a healthy and active lifestyle as I am now. I believe in Shield MotionSense, as its technology of working even more when I move ensures that I stay fresh all day. I can move with confidence. I am on the move all day, and don’t always have the time to grab a quick shower or freshen up.


This is what Unathi Msengana uses to get rid of stretch marks

3. As an active person, what challenges did you experience when looking for a roll on/antiperspirant?

Its consistency; I am active and have sensitive armpits. So, I need an antiperspirant that doesn’t agitate, darken my skin or make it itchy.

4. How do you keep a balance between your busy lifestyle and remaining active? 

I always remind myself that summer bodies are made in winter, and I never want to be caught off guard. I am conscious of staying fit and healthy, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle is good for your mind, body and soul. In winter, I run and cycle more as well as spend some time in the sauna. I also love the grid class at gym; it only takes 30 minutes, but is highly effective. 

5. How often do you work out? 

I work out twice a week, because of other demands in my life.


6. What lessons have you received from strangers at races?

I’m not much of a runner or cyclist. But, at the gym I have learnt that if you want to continue burning calories, you must go into the sauna and have intervals where you grab a cold shower and go back. This also tightens your skin.

 7. What hygiene habits do wish you knew earlier?

To stop shaving my armpits; I only started using a hair removal cream at the beginning of the year. Somizi Mhlongo advised me to use it because after shaving, your armpits become agitated, develop bumps and become darker. Now that I’ve stopped shaving, I have no more bumps, my armpits are getting lighter and less agitated.

8. What keeps you motivated to stay fit and fabulous?

I know that I need to be healthy and conscious of what I eat in order to achieve the kind of success I strive for. My body ultimately carries me wherever I go, in order to achieve my dreams, so I try to be the best version of me. The healthier I am, the more confident I become.