TV’s New ‘IT’ Girl – Denise Zimba


TV’s new IT girl, Denise, talks Vuzu and Generations.

We caught up with V Entertainment’s presenter and musician, Denise Zimba.


What is your favourite TV show?

Anything that has “wives” in it, basketball wives and the real housewives of anything. I like the drama and the confidence the ladies have, my personal favourite is Basketball Wives Miami, I love Evelyn Lozada. I also love The Fixer, the story line is amazing and the whole women empowerment element in it is most intriguing.

How did you get into V Entertainment?

I was part of the group Fly Chix and when I left the group, I got a call from Vuzu and they asked me to try out as one of their presenters. That was the best call I ever received, I said yes on the spot and haven’t looked back since.

What lessons have you learned so far in this industry?

I have learnt to be tough and have a thick skin; the industry can be mean at times. I’ve also learnt that nothing beats being yourself. When you are you, you are comfortable. It’s easy to imitate others but nothing beats being true to who you are and not compromise your standards.




You’ve recently joined Generations, how did that come about?

I’ve been trying to break into TV for a while now, even before Fly Chix kicked off. I auditioned for Generations a couple of times and the producers always felt they never had the right role for me, so when they did find one for me, they rang me up.

What advice would you give someone who is trying to break into the industry?

  • Work hard
  • Don’t forget your family, they will be there when things get tough
  • Don’t give up on your dreams, you will get a lot of no’s before you get a yes.
  • Don’t let anyone discourage you
  • Be confident and know your story

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