Fitness by Trace Poppy


TRACE Sport Stars is dedicating November to extreme sport, with 5FM DJ Poppy Ntshongwana as its guest presenter for four weeks. Poppy opens her health journal to us… Poppy-

You don’t work in a conventional industry with standard hours. How do you keep your body fit and when do you rest?

I work in radio. I am at work for about four hours a day, and spend the rest in meetings or hosting events as well as DJ’ing at clubs. I try to work out during the week and rest on Sunday afternoon. That’s the only time I can catch up on my sleep.

What does being fit mean to you?

It’s about loving your body enough to look after it, and constantly work on it. I have always been active and love sport, so I’m keen to try new challenges, especially if it will contribute to my health and wellness.

Not all our readers have access to the gym or exercise equipment, what health tips can you share with them?

  • Eating correctly is key. I believe in focusing on a healthy eating plan.
  • Walking and running are probably your easiest ways to stay in shape. So run or walk where you can.
  • Sleep also plays an important role in health, so make sure you’re getting enough sleep.

A healthy meal….

has nutritional value. pop1

How did you feel when TRACE Sport Stars called you about the gig?

I was excited. I watch TRACE a lot, so it’s been quite cool working with them.

You work in an industry where your life is public. Are there pressures to keep fit and looking good at all times?

Of course! But I think you need to internalise it and make it work for you. I find the pressure exciting. I want to look as good as J.Lo in my 40s, so I work and try to use it as motivation rather than pressure.

You’ve been a vegan before. What does it mean to you?

I was a vegan for four years; I take a bit of dairy now – for health reasons. I haven’t eaten meat since 2010. poppy-n-

What do you eat when you visit friends that obviously don’t follow your eating plan/lifestyle?

I’ve always loved my vegetables and fruit. If people invite me over, they usually cater for me and I appreciate that.

What’s a healthy day for Poppy?

I like to start off with exercise. It usually determines what kind of day I’m going to have and helps me focus on making healthy food choices for the rest of the day. I run about 10km, then get ready for work. I drink about 5 litres of water a day and eat at least two kinds of fruit. My body craves sugar, so I’d rather give it the healthier option instead of binging on junk food.