Top 4 tips to pass matric exams with flying colours

Wonga Ntshinga

By Fundiswa Nkwanyana Image: Independent Institute of Education

Wonga Ntshinga, an education expert from the Independent Institute of Education, gives matric learners tips on remaining focused throughout the exams.

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  1. Break up your remaining workload into small sections. It’s easier to complete small sections than attempt to sit down for hours, studying textbooks in one go. Tackle the workload one section at a time.

2. Visualise your plans for next year. Match your vision with the performance you need to get there. You still have other subjects to write, so it is important to not abandon the vision; the jackpot is within sight.

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3. Continue to put in solid and consistent effort on your remaining work. Don’t be tempted to take unnecessary days off with the intention of cramming later.

4. Don’t let negative emotional energy impact on what you can still achieve. If things did not go well at the beginning of your exams, remember that renewed and continued effort can mean the difference between a range of study options and limited prospects.