Top 4 edgy eyebrow trends


Which eyebrow trends are you willing to try?

braided eyebrow

By Bridgette Matjuda
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We have seen it all! This year has seen us witnessing some shocking eyebrow trends. And we have been left wondering if the eyebrow obsession has gone too far. We’ve seen eyebrows evolve from thin to being completely shaved off and drawn back on with a pencil. And when we thought that we had seen it all, more trends were introduced, leaving us unsure about the future of brows. Needless to say, which of these eyebrow trends would you be brave to try out?

1. Braided eyebrows

WATCH: How to make and wear lace front eyebrows (eyebrow wigs)

2. Feather eyebrows

3. Glitter eyebrows

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Get Thembi Seete’s eyebrows in 6 easy steps

4. Squiggly eyebrows

Whatever you decide, one thing is for sure – we will be here with our regular eyebrows.

This is SO hilarious and true!!! Lol #bringeyebrowsback #nosquigglebrows #funnyeyebrows

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