The single man’s guide to cleaning

single man’s guide to cleaning

From newly acquired bachelorhood to a seasoned singleton, take a look at this useful guide to help make housekeeping a cinch.

Here are seven steps to help you through the process of housekeeping. Cleaning doesn’t have to be your adversary anymore, when you have this guide to help you through the process.

The single man’s guide to cleaning

From newly acquired bachelorhood to a seasoned singleton, housekeeping can be daunting for anyone. The secret art of cleandipendence is a carefully balanced mix of easily executed and highly functional chores that get the job done. Here’s a play-by-play description of how to get your place clean.

First things first: the smell 

One of the first things any guest will notice when coming over to your place is the smell. So, odour control is the first order of business. Make sure dirty dishes are washed, the rubbish is taken out and dirty clothes are safely sealed away in a wash basket to avoid any embarrassing smells. Perhaps it’s time to seek some extra odour removal tips or perhaps it’s time to call someone who knows a few tricks.

The floor is not the only surface in your home

Taking the time to clean the surfaces in every room will have maximum effect, and it’s really not that much work. Bathroom and kitchen counters are quite simple to clean if you keep up with it.

Concentrate on key areas

The kitchen and the bathroom look the worst when they are dirty but make the most difference when they are clean.  It’s in your best interests to always keep these rooms tidy and grime-free.

Establish an “early and often” approach

Get into the habit of cleaning before it gets out of hand and keep it up to make sure the workload stays to a minimum. There is nothing worse than having to clean up three months’ worth of grime – especially if there is a time crunch.

Use multipurpose cleaning products 

A cleaning cream or thick bleach that kill germs and can be used to clean multiple surfaces, for example, takes first prize. Versatile cleaning products minimise the need to navigate a cupboard full of mystifying chemicals and hours of grocery shopping.

Sweet cheats 

A few key tips that will help with the chores are the best cheats you will find. For example, don’t let the basic stuff build-up, instead keep up with the routine and your chores will be much easier. Keep your place free from old food to ensure unwanted pests don’t move in. If you do find yourself sharing the place with uninvited guests, you could also explore some simple tips on how to get rid of ants in the house and other common pests. From a tidying perspective, another key step is to keep clothes off the bed and chairs. Pack clean clothes away as you are finished with them and put dirty clothes straight into the wash basket.

 Key steps 

  • Aim to make a good first impression with a clean and fresh smelling home.
  • Tackle surfaces other than the floor such as bathroom and kitchen counters.  Use thick bleach in these areas for maximum effect.
  • Tackle bathroom and kitchen cleaning to make a big impact. Make these rooms a priority where possible.
  • Use multipurpose products to keep the cleaning process simple and effective.  

Now that you’ve nailed down the art of cleandipendence, you can focus on other areas in your life.