The make-up expiration dates you need to know

make-up expiation dates

Your go-to lippie, that hides-everything foundation that you swear by and that fail-safe mascara all have two things in common: you can’t live without them, and they’ve been in your make-up bag longer than you can remember…

In fact, you’re not even sure there was a time in your life when you didn’t own them. While the fact that you’ve found what works for you is great, keeping a product for so long isn’t. Most people aren’t aware of the fact that make-up expires or gets to a point when it becomes unhygienic to continue using it.

Never fear… we’re here to answer the dreaded question: how long does your make-up last?

1. Liquid or cream foundation – 1 year. These contain more water, oils and hydrating agents which themselves have a shelf life, meaning these don’t last as long as the powder variants. If you apply it using your fingers, bacteria build up occurs on the product, meaning it won’t last as long.

So combat this by using an applicator that you regularly clean or using foundation that comes in a pump bottle or squeeze tube. The colour also generally starts to turn after a year, in which case you’ll need to replace it.

2. Mascara – 3 months. Bacteria gathers on your wand and gets transferred into the tube every time you use it, so this needs to be replaced at least four times a year. This shouldn’t be too difficult though, as it will probably be starting to dry up if it’s not yet finished at this stage.

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3. Lipstick – 1-2 years. These do have hydrating agents which can start to diminish in effectiveness, but if you take care of your lippie, always put the lid on and apply it with a clean lip brush, your fave colour could last up to two years. However, bacteria build up does occur when applying it directly to your lips, in which case you should replace it much sooner. A good indicator to toss your lipstick would be if it starts hardening, or beads of moisture gather on the tip.

4. Lipgloss – 6 months – 1 year. If your gloss is in a squeeze tube, you’ll be able to prolong the life of it as bacteria build up will be less – especially if you regularly clean the tip. Gloss with an applicator shouldn’t be kept as long due to bacteria build up.

5. Powders – 2 years. Since these don’t contain oils and water, your powder blushes, eyeshadows, bronzers and foundations have a much longer lifespan. Be sure to wash your brushes regularly to avoid bacteria build-up, and watch for when they start to get cakey, hard or darker in colour.

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6. Eyeliner – 3-6 months. You face the same problem with mascara here, as the bacteria build up can cause a severe eye infection. Liquid liners should be tossed soon after three months, while pencil and retractable ones have a longer life since they get used up.

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