The best perfumes for autumn


Why is fragrance seasonal?

Your personal fragrance can be as seasonal as you want it to be. The reason why fragrance experts recommend you change your perfume according to the season is that scent performs differently in different temperatures!

When it’s hot your fragrance blossoms, which is why lighter, fresher scents are a good fit for spring and summer.

In cooler months your fragrance won’t carry as well, which is why more robust scents work so well in autumn and winter.

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The season of calm

Autumn is perceived as a calm, tranquil season. The notoriously busy summer months have come to an end, and nature is visibly preparing for the arrival of winter. This is why warming, comforting and slightly spicy scents are a great fit. Think of the colours of autumn leaves for inspiration – notes like amber, woods, coffee, leather and musk.

The best autumn fragrance notes

Here’s what you need to know about a few of the most popular fragrance notes to make picking an autumn scent easier.


Amber is a great fragrance note if you want a warm, deep scent that’s not too earthy. If you want an even softer note, opt for white amber. Ambers are generally combined with sweeter floral or gourmand notes to result in a robust, well rounded scent.

Examples of fragrances with amber in them: Thierry Mugler Alien, Tom Ford Rive D’Ambre, Christian Dior Miss Dior

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There are many different woods that feature in perfumery. Woody notes ‘ground’ or ‘anchor’ a fragrance, providing a base for other notes. It also greatly adds to the longevity of a scent. Woods smell earthy (some people describe them as bitter) and very versatile – they can be blended with a variety of other notes.

Examples of fragrances with woods in them: Tom Ford Sahara Noir, Burberry Body, Clinique Aromatics Elixir


If you’re in the mood for something sexy, give a musky scent a sniff. Musk is an age-old base ingredient that adds a sensual, earthy aspect. It’s also known to extend the longevity of a scent.

If musk sounds unappealing to you, don’t completely write it off until you smell the new generation musk perfumes – the last 20 years has brought many a beautiful musk scent with them.

Examples of fragrances with musk in them: Kiehl’s Original Musk, Narciso Rodrigez EDP

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