Swimma Caps – Catering for high volume hair


We chat to Nomvuyo Treffers, the founder of Swimma Caps – a company that designs and sells swimming caps for braids, dreadlocks and long hair.

1. I founded Swimma Caps because my children and I were tired of wearing uncomfortable swimming caps.

I often avoided going swimming because I could not bear the chore of having to blow-dry my dreadlocks for hours. My children also complained about uncomfortable swimming caps that could not fit over their high-volume hairstyles. Seeing my children frustrated motivated me to design swimming caps suitable for bulk hair.

 2. My swimming caps are affordable and can accommodate people with braids, dreadlocks, Afro, long hair and weaves.

Depending on your hairstyle, I have swimming caps in different sizes and colours, for different age groups. The caps are thicker and larger with a waterproof silicone texture. The idea is to cater for everyone because swimming caps are not a one-size-fits-all scenario.y.

3. The market has responded positively to Swimma Caps since I officially launched it in August 2016. People with braids and dreadlocks have welcomed my swimming caps with open arms because they have been waiting for a product that caters specially for them. Neighbouring countries have also made orders, so business is booming. I use social media to market and have now started an online shop to cater for the growing business.

4. As a mother and a proud black woman, I also use my business to spread the notion of inclusion.

My company is not just about swimming caps; but catering for everyone. It is vital that we do not let our children grow up feeling that their hair is a problem because a swimming cap is too small or too big. I want them to wear their hair with pride and not worry about not fitting in.