Spice things up with Rajah!

Spice things up with Rajah!

Rajah is bringing the all new colourful packaging that’s just as bright and vibrant as the authentic ingredients inside them! From the 26 August to 2nd September, BONA will be showcasing 7 different dishes all made with Rajah Curry Powder to help you add a hint of heat to your meals.

It’s time to follow the aroma and find the feast with Rajah! Click on the images for the recipes and get cooking!

Monday – Sausages and Beans Salad

Sausages and Beans Salad

Tuesday – Tuna Curried Sandwiches

Curried Tuna Sandwiches


Wednesday – Chicken Chikka Masala

Thursday – Warm Chicken Salad

Friday – Beef Stew made with Kale

Saturday – Cauliflower Chilli Bites

Sunday – Tender Lamb Shanks