Speedsta and K.O tell us what it takes to make music


DJ Speedsta and K.O were part of the judging panel for the Jack Daniel’s Music Scout. They chat to us about making music.

By: Boitumelo Mmakou  

DJ Speedsta

1.How did you get to be one of the judges?

They were looking for a diverse group of people to make the panel of judges. K.O came in as the rapper who has an understanding of how music works. Culoe de Song is a legendary house king, who came in as an expert on African sound. I represented the newcomer in the game. Together, we made up a great fusion of judges that was highly necessary for the scout search.

2. As a fairly new person to the industry, how was it being with some of the best artists in the music business?

At first I was surprised; I did not understand why they would pick me. As the judging process continued, I started understanding my part in it. I was the kid with a new perspective and a fresh take. I had a great time working with the guys. This also gave me and K.O the opportunity to work together; we are now working on a song we plan to release later this year.


3. K.O How was the judging experience for you?  

We had a variety of new talent that was incredible. It was a pleasure watching them and seeing their talent.  What’s most impressive about them is their authentic, proudly South African sound. They eclipsed everyone with their entertainment value and the fact that the song they picked is an instant hit that will move any crowd, anywhere. The scouts had an amazing showmanship as well!

4. Would you ever feature any of the finalists that did not win on a Cashtime track?

All I need to see in an artist is talent, that’s what counts when it comes to making music and that is what Cashtime is all about.