Skincare resolutions for the new year

Skincare resolutions for the new year

 We’re as excited as anything for the New Year! Bring on the new challenges, goals and opportunities. And, while you’re setting your New Year’s resolutions, why not include some skincare goals in there too? Here are a few you should consider adding to your list to make sure you kick off this year with a bang!

Skincare Goal 1: I’ll Moisturise Every Day

Feeding your skin a daily dose of moisture will keep it smooth, radiant and supple. It’s a worthwhile goal to aim for a daily application of good quality body lotion. You can’t go wrong with the new Dawn Rich Lanolin & Rose Water Body Lotion. A silky lotion for soft, smooth skin. It contains lanolin, a natural skin protector that allows the skin to breathe while delivering moisture.

Skincare Goal 2: I’ll Drink 2 Litres Of Water A Day

A month-long study in 49 people determined that increasing water intake by 2 litres per day improved skin hydration – while a review of six studies found that increased water intake reduced dryness and roughness, increased skin elasticity, and enhanced hydration. Drinking water is essential for healthy skin, make it a habit.

Skincare Goal 3: I’ll Wear Sunblock Every Day

We all know that sunblock can prevent premature aging and wrinkles. Why don’t we wear it every day? Yes, even in winter, wearing sunblock is essential to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Skincare Goal 4: I’ll Eat Less Sugar

It’s true. Consuming large amounts of sugar can trigger inflammation in your body and all this shows up on your skin eventually. The effects can range from looking dull, puffy and uneven to causing blemishes and spots. Inflammatory foods like sugar contributes to aging because it breaks down collagen (the bonds that keep our skin supple and bouncy) – so if you’re holding onto your youth, best skip the sweet things altogether.

What are your New Year’s skincare resolutions? Have we missed any? Join the conversation on social media today.