Shopping Guide


There’s always something new on shelves, our food editor brings us her three favourite healthy foods right now

Nestle MILO


Nestlé is celebrating 80 years of its icon, MILO, with the release of a limited edition of the original Nestlé MILO size 500g + 60g for free. MILO is well known as a nutritious drink that provides energy not only to children but adult as well. Don’t leave out MILO in your shopping list!

Pouyoukas Pumpkin Seeds


Feel like nibbling without the guilt? Pouyoukas Foods Pumpkin Seed is your life saver. It is healthy and tasty and can be enjoyed anytime. The pumpkin seeds are packed with iron, magnesium, fibre, zinc, potassium, healthy fats and protein. You can add them to your cereal, in your baking of muffins or biscuits, or simply mix with nuts and snack on. Pouyoukas Foods Pumpkin Seed is available in most retail shops in South Africa.

Knorr Tasty Seasoning Powder

Say goodbye to salt when cooking pap, samp, rice and mashed potato. Just add one tablespoon of Knorr Tasty Seasoning Powder, it is heaven. You can eat your pap on its own without meat. Available at any retailers in South Africa.

Our food editor shows us how to make pap using the Knorr tasty seasoning powder below.