Style it like celebs


Hair trends change all the time, but not all hairstyles will suit you because hairstyles are not only determined by the texture of your hair, but most importantly by your facial features and shape. Knowing the shape of your face, will help you to understand what works and doesn’t work for you and why. Celebrity hair stylist, Bonolo Ramela says to determine the shape of your face, comb your hair completely back so you can see your face from all angles.

There’s a perfect hairstyle for every face. What’s yours?

Triangular like Raven Symone 



A triangular face has a broad, angular jaw and the face narrows to a small forehead. The best hairstyle for a triangular face, like actress Raven Symone, is long hair that rests on your collar bone or lowers to create a balance between the small forehead and wide chin. A middle parting will also soften your jawline.

Round like Ashanti 


A round face has smooth curves and lines with a round chin, wide forehead and wide, soft cheekbones. A bob haircut will best suit your face as the hair falls below the chin and will lengthen the chin, says Bonolo. Famous singer Ashanti has a round face and always experiments with curls, layered hair (different lengths) and a side path to slim her face. A high ponytail is also a great option as it adds height to the hairstyle, which balances the round face.

Oval like Kelly Rowland 


An oval face is similar to a round face, but with an extended forehead and chin. The chin and forehead are almost the same width, with slightly wider cheekbones. Your cheekbones are smooth with no angle and are in line with the side of your chin. An oval-shaped face like singer Kelly Rowland is suitable for any hairstyle. Play with length, curls and colour to find your favourite hairstyle. Avoid hairstyles that hang over your face like a fringe as this hides your facial features, adds Bonolo.

Heart – shaped like Rihanna 


Heart-shaped face is defined mainly by a pointed, thin chin and a wide forehead. The cheekbones on a heart shaped face are sometimes the same width as the forehead or slightly wider. Draw attention away from the chin with side paths, fringes and curls like singer Rihanna. The perfect hairstyle to suit your face would be a short bob cut with a side fringe to highlight great facial features, like your cheekbones. When it comes to long hair, add waves and curls to your hairstyle to add volume around your narrow chin.

Square like Nia Long 


A square face has wide features, sharp angles, wide cheek bones, an angled jaw line and a broad forehead. Keep your hair long with big curls, like actress Nia Long, that begin just below the jawline to give the face a softer look. Avoid the bob haircut as it will highlight your angular jawline. Bonolo says a round beehive or smooth curls below the shoulders are great as they draw attention away from the strong jawline.


  1. The shape of your face makes or breaks your hairstyle. What looks great on a friend might not always be great for you because we all look different.
  2. Choose a hairstyle that works with your image.
  3. The common sleek relaxed hair ponytail extension does not work on everyone because of the shape of our heads and faces. When you do a ponytail, you pull your hair away from your face, exposing your features.
  4. Curls don’t work for everyone because they add volume around your face. If you have a natural afro, play around with colour if you need a change but don’t want to relax. Blow dry your hair for added volume and to make it easier to style.

Pictures: Gallo/Getty