SEE PICS: The Kodjoe family vacations in Ghana


Take a look at the pictures from their amazing travels.

Kodjoe family vacation in Ghana

Hollywood power couple Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker enjoyed a blissful vacation in Ghana with their beautiful children. Take a look at the fabulous pictures from their wonderful vacation.

Hello Ghana #tet33 #KodjoeFamily

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On my last day in Accra I got to see my family, reunite with cousins I hadn’t seen in 20 years, meet others for the first time, and introduce my children to people they only had heard stories about. It was a fitting ending to an amazing stay in Ghana. And as I was surrounded by my family I noticed some very old pictures of my grandmother hanging on the wall. She passed 25 years ago but I remember her vividly sitting in her room commenting on my outfits when I was 10, or telling me to make funny faces and then laughing at them, which left me amazed because she was blind. Mrs. Elsie Ofuatey-Kodjoe was born on December 5th 1901. She was very active in government and even started the Girl Guides in Ghana to help girls and young women develop their potential and become outspoken citizens of society who fight for equality, inclusion, and parity across gender lines. She was a beautiful, strong, proactive trailblazer, who was one of my grandfather’s three wives, a friend of the honorable Kwame Nkrumah, who has her own stamp, and who takes portraits with a sheep. 🐑 We honored her today by being together and remembering those family members who had passed. It was a great day. #GoGrandma #OriginalTimesUp #SheGotHerOwnStampYo #ThankYouGhana 🇬🇭

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We went to the #ArtsCenter market to buy gifts and ended up in the back where all the masks were on display. One face stood out. It was an 80 year old mask depicting the Mighty Queen Mother of Ejisu #YaaAsentewa In 1900 She stood up and fought for the Asante people…for the return of their King from British capture. She stood up She spoke up She raised others up…When the rest were afraid. The Asante kings chose her to be the LEADER of the fighting force. The only woman to have this honor. She was captured and died in exile in 1921 but her dream was realized in 1957. Asante freedom. Queen Mother Warrior YAA ASANTEWA We see your face We say your name We tell your story We walk in your footsteps We salute you #ACCRA @Badassboz

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Today my heart pounded as I stood in front of one of the two small windows…the only shaft of light..the only brief gust of wind inside the small female dungeon at #CapeCoastCastle. The spot that hundreds of shackled women surrounded by their dying sisters and children were forced in desperation to fight for… beg for..die for. A brief moment in the sun. A long visit to #CapeCoastCastle and #ElminaCastle was what I needed Sophie and Nicolas to experience. To see. To listen. To understand. They are two of the last remaining sites along the GoldCoast that bear witness to over 300 years of the brutality and horrors of the slave trade. We saw the powerful Nkyinkyim installation by artist Kwame Akoto-Bamfo depicting in terracotta the faces of people enslaved here. We walked thru the Door of No Return, following the path our ancestors took as they boarded ships. Then our guide #MrBlankson turned us around and we went back thru the same door…symbolizing our return. When we arrived at #ElminaCastle and Sophie saw the tiny door she had only read about..We stood in silence and then we prayed. 🇬🇭 Namanom yɛ hyɛ him ɛnyimnyam, yɛ da hom ase dɛ homdze bin aba fie.🇬🇭 Ancestors we honor you. We thank you for bringing us home.

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