[WATCH] Cardi B’s R2 million surprise gift from Offset

Mr and Mrs Cephus do gifts differently!

Cardi B

Although Offset is currently on tour, he went big with a gift for his wife Cardi B. His latest gift is a fabulous Lamborghini SUV estimated at a cool R2,9 million.

But not without playing a prank on her first. Cardi took to Instagram to share that she had received a call saying that Offset had fainted in Atlanta. When her new wheels were revealed she wrote: “I’m happy and mad at the same time? i been crying and praying for like 2 hours .I love you babe ❤️❤️Thanks for the gift .Please don’t scare me again you know i suffer from anxiety ???LAMBTRUCK”.

Check out her swanky new wheels below

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I wanna make love and fight at the same time ??

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This follows their His&Hers Lamborghinis from earlier this year.


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