Sealy? Really!


Sealy is the best-loved bed brand and continues to pave the way for better sleep.

For more than a century Sealy has been synonymous with superb workmanship and quality sleep and it continues to be the best-known and most loved bed brand – not just in South Africa, but around the world.

However, Sealy doesn’t just rely on their past successes, they continually build on them by investing heavily in sleep research and product technology aimed at providing healthy sleep for a healthy life.

Rise and shine

Sealy is well aware of the pressures, stresses and strains of the modern world. A world in which time is always short and the pace of life is relentless.

With its exclusive Posturepedic Technology™, Sealy beds are perfect for sleep and also for waking up feeling fresh, alert, energetic and ready to take on the world.

Spectacular inside and out

Keeping up with the times and making the most of modern technology and our understanding of sleep is very important to Sealy, as can be seen in the relaunch of their entire range with stunning new beds that look as spectacular on the outside as they are on the inside.

Restful colours, gorgeous high quality materials and a feeling of sheer luxury is a given when you buy a Sealy with exclusive Posturepedic Technology.

Easy reference for your best sleep yet

In addition to the mattress’s stunning appearance, Sealy has also created a new reference system to make it as easy as one, two, three, to choose the sleep system that suits you best. Now you’ll be able to understand the entire range at a glance.

Look out for the distinctive Sealy with exclusive Posturepedic Technology logo when next you shop. And be ready to be amazed!

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