Review – Townhouse Hotel


Our fashion editor Ayanda Ngcobo tells us about her experience at the Townhouse Hotel in Cape Town.

I recently discovered that I had to travel to Cape Town for work. So, I decided to search for a place that would not just be closer to where I had to work, but also allow me the freedom to explore the city. The Townhouse Hotel provided me with that option. Located in the city centre, it is only a few minutes away from the V&A Waterfront as well as Long Street, which is ideal for entertainment.  


Upon arrival, the porter greeted me with a warm smile and directed me to the reception area where the staff were also ready to assist. This made me comfortable and safe. Since I had some time to spare, I decided to check out the Trees Café, situated in the lounge area of the hotel. It turned out to be a popular spot among the locals as it was buzzing with patrons in the middle of their business meetings, drinks and lunch dates. The vibe was so relaxing that I spent the afternoon flipping through a magazine with the waitresses ensuring that I was fine. 


The Townhouse Hotel offers a variety of en-suite rooms, ranging from single to family deluxe. I stayed in a junior suite, and the name does not do it justice. With its spacious open-plan interior, bath with separate shower and private balcony, I received more than I bargained for, a plus when travelling. Although it was decorated with modern finishes, it still maintained a homely ambience.


The restaurant offers both an à la carte menu and a buffet, so I was spoilt for choice.

I enjoyed the buffet because I had the opportunity to sample different options, with the food delicious and full of flavour. After that, it was time to hit the town and see what the Cape Town nightlife had to offer. I would stay at the Townhouse Hotel again. From its prime location to the service, I felt like it was a home away from home.

Safety tips when travelling:

When going to an unfamiliar place, keep these few things in mind:

  • Make sure that the accommodation you choose is close to the places that you will be visiting. This also allows you to reach your appointments on time by avoiding unnecessary traffic.
  • Ensure that someone back home is aware of your itinerary. This includes information on the place where you’re staying, and regular updates of your daily activities.
  • Ask if the hotel has a shuttle service to transport you straight to your accommodation. Most places do have this facility at no extra cost, so it will be worthwhile to find out.
  • If you intend on using services such as Uber, take a screenshot of the driver’s details and send them to a friend/loved one.
  • An external phone charger is a must. It is important that your phone doesn’t die while you’re out or in transit in case of emergency.
  • It is fun to meet and socialise with the locals. But, don’t overshare unnecessary information such as the fact that you’re visiting the area or unfamiliar with the surroundings.
  • Whether travelling for a long or short period, travel insurance is something to look into. For example, if your bag gets lost, your items will be covered. Travel insurance covers a wide variety of unexpected shortfalls, so be sure to ask your booking agent what can be provided.