REVIEW: We tried out the Nimue skin peel

Nimue skin peel

Our beauty editor Grace Mantjiu shares her experience after a Nimue skin peel.

When most people hear of a chemical peel, they instantly shy away from it. Little do they know that chemical peels are really good for your skin. They are available in different grades, with great results.

We tried out the Nimue skin peel and this is what happened

A month ago, I tried the Nimue glycolic acid chemical peel at the Laser Beautique in Rosebank. Glycolic acid is a superficial peeling agent that enhances exfoliation when needed. I wasn’t nervous about it because I’ve used Nimue products before, and absolutely loved how smooth and supple my skin was afterward.


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The therapist started with a basic facial that included deep cleansing, steaming and leaving a mask on for about 15 minutes. She then followed up with layers of glycolic acid, which was the actual peel. She explained each step fully, making me feel comfortable throughout. The treatment was not painful or uncomfortable, and it had no downtime. So, I headed straight for work.


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The verdict: My skin was instantly plumped up and super hydrated after the peel. A week later, it was radiant and glowing. I used CC cream and tinted sunscreen on my face, and people still thought that I had applied foundation. The Nimue glycolic acid costs R810 and takes about an hour.

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