Punk & Ivy’s Bianca Sibiya talks about innovation in fashion


Punk & Ivy is a Joburg based urban street wear mobile retail fashion label that is changing the way we shop by offering trading hours beyond 9-5. In 2015, The founders, Bianca and husband Khaya Sibiya designed a uniquely African-inspired sports luxe and street wear range for the 2015 winter collection for Legit and Flying Fish. We chat to Bianca about past successes and future plans.

1.I am the co-founder and managing director of Punk & Ivy.  My job gives me the creative freedom to express myself and to collaborate with brands I believe in. The love I have for my family, fashion and Africa inspires me to keep going.

2. Punk & Ivy is Africa’s first mobile boutique. My husband, Khaya, and I call it the “motique” because it is a mobile fashion retail space that showcases trends on the African continent. We take pride in our unisex fashion label that offers streetwear with an urban culture feel.

3. The idea to start a mobile fashion boutique came about when we were touring Thailand. We were fascinated by Thailand’s mobile retail environment that our fire to start a business was ignited. When we came back to South Africa, we realised this gap in the retail sector, and decided to fill it.

4. A lot of prayer and begging went into starting this company. There are many stumbling blocks that we had to overcome in order to start a business. Raising the capital, legal matters, understanding the market and pricing are some of the challenges we faced. Even finding the caravan was not easy. But because we loved and believed in our idea, we persisted.

5. I wish more entrepreneurs would start mobile retail businesses. With South Africa’s high unemployment rate, I strongly believe the mobile retail sector could create jobs for the unemployed youth. We are here to guide and help them, so that they can also take charge of their future.

6. I am excited about being part of VUZU AMP’s Power Play Coalition reality show. The show gives us the platform to unearth some creative game changers who will be our future leaders.

Viewers will also get a chance to learn about entrepreneurship in the creative sector.