Plan Your Life Your Way


So you’re always beating to the drum of someone else and observing protocol that you didn’t create. Perhaps it’s time you made plans of your own and followed your own path.

When we’re young we’re taught to follow rules: doing what our parents, teachers and priests tell us. This works well with how society should be. However, we could get carried away and get lost in all the madness and plans the world has for us and forget about making our own.


Don’t be that person! Rather be the unique individual who dances to the beat of your own drum. Here’s how:


We’re not all made to think the same way or be in the same career field, never mind live the same life. This is why it’s always best to have your own plans: be it planning to go to a college of your choice, deciding on the dress you want to buy, or the hairstyle you want to rock. Do it your way and own it.

Work with what is suitable for you; just because your friend has decided to study medicine doesn’t mean you have to. And your parents might have always thought you would be a good lawyer but it doesn’t mean you should set goals that will make their dreams come true. Find out what you are good at and make realistic goals for that.


Any plan must have a goal. This could be a short-term or a long-term goal. These will give you a sense of direction. Setting a time frame helps boost you to achieve whatever goal you’ve set for yourself. Say, for example, you want to lose 2kg – make a plan on how you will achieve this and, importantly, when you want to accomplish this. As a result you will feel good about yourself when you’ve achieved your goal. If you didn’t, evaluate where you made mistakes and improve on that.


Know your limits. The best way to achieve this is to test yourself. It’s good to learn from others but don’t try be like them. Yes, your sister is an ‘A’ student, but don’t beat yourself up if can’t be like her. Rather get some guidelines from her on how to improve your marks. This way, you learn to balance the advise you get from others with what you think is best for you.


No matter what you do and where you go remember to present the best version of yourself. This will not always be easy, especially with the influence of society and its demands, but it can only be a good life lived if you stick to your personality.