Pearl Thusi on Black Pearl Hair


I thought creating my own hair care line was beyond me.” Model, presenter and actress Pearl Thusi recently launched her hair care line, Black Pearl. She tells us more about it.

1. Please tell us about your hair care range. How and when did the idea of creating it come about?

For years, I struggled finding a product that was meant for me. I had to mix some caucasian products with black products because there wasn’t anything specifically made for my type of hair. I wanted something that was going to make my hair look beautiful and be healthy. But I thought creating my own hair care line was beyond me until I met AfroBotanics founder Ntombenhle Khathwane, who shared her inspirational story of how she started her business and by partnering with her, I was able to come up and create my own hair care line, Black Pearl.

2. How is it doing so far? How are people receiving it?

People are receiving it quiet well, we haven’t made much money from it as yet. All the money we’ve made goes back to reproduction.

3. Let’s talk about your hair. What’s your best hair care secret?

It has to be conditioners, I rely on them. I believe a good conditioner should be your best friend. It can be used to wash, moisturise, protect and nourish hair.

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4. What are your own personal hair care tips?

  • Moisturise, braid and cover your hair with a satin cap before putting on cotton African print head wrap to prevent loss of hair moisture.
  • Avoid heat styling your hair before braiding or putting on a weave. Heat styling dehydrates your hair making it more likely to break while braided.
  • Give your hair a break, I give my hair a break from constant styling and combing by wearing a wig. However, even while wearing these protective styles, I still moisturise my hair and oil my scalp.

 5. Winter is around the corner, how do you take care of your hair and make sure it doesn’t break?

Wigs all the way. Laughs. As mentioned earlier, keep your hair hydrated, whether you have braids, a weave or a wig like me. Always make sure your natural hair stays hydrated.

6. Would you please share 5 tips on having good hair? 

  • Give your hair the break it deserves 

Ethnic hair especially needs a break between treatments and tight styles. Try very loose cornrows every few weeks to give your hair a breather.

  • Don’t over wash

Avoid shampooing too often as this strips out natural oils. Find a combination of shampoo and conditioner that works for you.

  • Hydrate!

I don’t know how many times I can emphasize on this. Stay hydrated. Yourself and your hair. Drink a lot of water and condition your hair often.

  • Care for your braids

Braids are good protective style, but only if you continue caring for your hair once it’s braided. When wearing box braids, I spritz my hair with a moisturising leave-in treatment.

The Black Pearl by Pearl Thusi hair product is available at Game stores nationwide.