On a lighter with Loyiso Madinga


Loyiso Madinga lets us in on his career.

Loyiso Madinga

We chat to comedian Loyiso Madinga about his journey in the industry.

1. Breaking into the industry. I started doing comedy in 2012 with a performance at Goliath’s AWEdnesday Comedy Jam. The same year, I won the Graça Comedy Showdown after only taking part in three shows. I mostly learnt on the job, and I discovered early on that I need to do as many shows as possible. Though mostly fun, every now and then I doubt myself. But, I love what I do and have learnt to embrace what comes with it. Knowing that I’m one of the few people in the world doing what they really love keeps me going. I’ve always been inspired by people who find and master their craft. My grandfather was a mineworker and my father is a doctor. This means I have to reach brain surgeon levels in my chosen path, and I’m in a position where I think I can.

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2. Career highlights. Early this year, while in New York, I went to The Olive Tree Cafe – a place referred to as the comedy cellar by comics. While there, award-winning American stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle arrived and greeted comics who were seated at a table nearby. He then made his way to the table where I was sitting with other comedians. We chatted with him for about one and half hours, and I made a one-word joke that Dave laughed at. Though I tried really hard not to be a groupie, I almost retired after that! I was so stunned that I can’t even remember the joke!

3. News making headlines in 2017. This whole Bonang book saga has been interesting to follow. Why are we so quick to judge when English never loved us? For most black people, the English language is not our mother tongue “Isilungu asinatshomi” finish and klaar! So, why is it that we ridicule Bonang and not rather focus on the fact that at her age, she’s a published author? Think about that.