Ntombi’s 5 Beauty Truths


Singer and TV presenter Ntombi Ngcobo-Mzolo shares her 5 tried and trusted beauty secrets that keep her skin healthy.

Ntombi-NgcoboAlways wash your make-up off, no matter how tired you are

We always take this for granted, even though it’s told to ladies of all ages. Washing your make-up will let your skin breathe, keep it clean and avoid germ build-up. Make-up is not a 24-hour product, and leaving it on for too long can lead to pimples and blackheads.

Always moisturise your skin

Moisturising your skin will help feed it all the nutrition it needs, and prevent dryness. Moisturised skin looks healthier, no matter the season.

Avoid mixing products on your face

Different products have different chemicals, and I think mixing them is not good for your skin. At times, we wonder why using certain products actually makes our skin worse and not better. What we fail to realise is that mixing products is harmful. I believe we should stick to one product for a few months to see if they work before changing to something else.


Always apply sunscreen

The sun has no race and burns everyone. I always wear sunscreen to protect my skin from burning and turning darker.

Keep make-up simple

When it comes to make-up, less will always be more. Let mascara be your best friend because fuller and longer lashes change your whole face without applying excess make-up.