Nomvelo Makhanya leads a mental health talk

Nomvelo Makhanya leads a mental health talk

Scandal! actress Nomvelo Makhanya chats to us about her upcoming mental health talk, and the inspiration behind it. By Kwanele Mathebula

Image: Nomvelo Makhanya IG

The inspiration behind the mental health talk is my personal story.

I was living with a mental disorder for a long time, but was not aware of it. I would go through these emotions, and didn’t understand why until I started seeing a psychologist. I believe that a lot of people are going through the same thing and only realise when it’s too late. This is why I decided to create this learning platform, so we can having these conversations.

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We are hoping to help people understand different kinds of mental illnesses. I hope that through this platform, I can help other people to recognise the signs, and find their voice to explain to families and friends what they are going through. And, also seek the help they need.

There are various activities planned for the talk. Mental health is a big topic, and there’s a lot to be learnt. So, we will have entertainment on the day which includes stand-up comedy, dance, poetry, music and monologues. These activities will somewhat create awareness around the stigma attached to mental illness. There will also be a question and answer session with a panel of psychologists and mental health activists.

I am excited to host more talks. I want to tell authentic stories of people suffering from mental health problems in collaboration with psychologists. I want to have these talks in different communities and settings.

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2019 marks the start of Silent Crisis with Nomvelo Makhanya. We are planning on collaborating with as many people as possible to create national awareness on mental illnesses. I also want to continue building my personal brand, and get more work done with excellence and professionalism.