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Nomsa Buthelezi chats to us EXCLUSIVELY about Mzansi Magic’s wedding reality show Our Perfect Wedding.

Nomsa Buthelezi

Actress and TV personality Nomsa Buthelezi chats to us about love, marriage and Mzansi’s most loved reality wedding show Our Perfect Wedding (OPW). By Bridgette Matjuda

What do you love most about hosting OPW?
Meeting new people, and the ambience you experience at the weddings. You experience love and happiness, and knowing people’s stories.

What do you find most challenging?
Wearing high heels the whole day!

What can you tell us about yourself?
I am the life of the party! This makes OPW the perfect show because it takes out the party animal within me.

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Is the show scripted?
No, it’s not. You have to be creative and think on your feet.

What are the top 5 lessons that you have learnt from the couples on the show?
1. Love conquers all.
2. Forgiveness is key.
3. Even when you feel that the world is against you, great things will happen; some brides thought that they would never get married.
4. Family is important. There is always a positive aura among the couples when they are among their families.
5. Be yourself in order to find the one you love.

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What are your thoughts on the presenter search?
I like the search because the platform gives talented presenters the opportunity to showcase their skills.

Why does the show trend every time it plays?
Women love weddings. So, watching the show is similar to you living your dream and preparing for your wedding. It’s an African show, and most people relate to the way African people host their weddings. Also, because it’s a show about love, people get to escape their stressful realities and be happy.

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