No more washday worries

woman doing laundry on wash day

One day at a time
If you have a big family, washing can pile up in no time. The best way to tackle this on washday, and free up some time is to wash small loads every day, rather than spending the whole day just doing laundry. However, always remember to split your washing into whites and dark colours. This way, your white clothing will remain as fresh and sharp as the day you bought them!

Ironing made easy
Fold your laundry as soon as you take it off from the line. This will prevent it from creasing a lot and reduce the time you spend ironing. You can also use MAQ Fabric Softener, which reduces wrinkles and make your clothes easy to iron.

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Use quality products
Always make sure that you use quality products that will enhance and prolong the life of your clothing. MAQ Auto and MAQ Handwash are not only tough on stains, but can be used to whiten your whites and make the other colours bright. MAQ Auto has an advanced combination of actives and enzymes specially designed for top performance in a washing machine.

Pretreat stains
To make sure that you get rid of those unsightly or tough stains on washday, especially on white school socks, use MAQ bar soap. Afterwards, wash them as you would normally. Don’t have MAQ bar soap on hand? Squirt a few drops of MAQ Dishwashing Liquid on the stain before washing!