New year, new you


4 inspiring ways to make 2018 your year to glow.

Nivea Senses Packs

Just a few minutes of mindfulness can leave you feeling stronger and better equipped to make the day yours. Here are 4 great ways you can renew your spirit and feel more confident and empowered this year.

Get moving! Most of us want to live a healthier, happier life once the new year starts, but to change our lives, we need to get a new mindset and get into new routines. (This means not just going to the gym once and eating ice cream because you feel guilty for not going again.) Start a walking club at work during lunch, follow some exercise videos on YouTube, and remember to start out slow if you haven’t exercised in a while. Why not try something like trail running or hiking if you love the outdoors? There’s nothing like exercise to boost your confidence and energy levels!

Keeping a journal and writing down three things you are thankful for every day can make a big difference in your mental wellbeing. The reason for this is that you focus on the positive instead of fixating of the negative. You may just be surprised how many things you have to be thankful for. You can also write down your goals and the steps you are going to take to reach them. Then you can tick them off as you finish, giving you a sense of accomplishment day after day. This will also inspire you to set other goals!

Start reading
Put down the phone, grab a book or magazine and indulge in a bit of me-time away from the world and your worries. Don’t feel pressured to read what you don’t like just because it’s the “in” thing – go and trawl the shelves and find the book that lights the spark in your soul and makes you feel strong and proud. Why not try a motivational book when you feel your motivation and energy lagging? Even reading for just 5 minutes a day can make all the difference!

Indulge your senses
After your bath or shower, indulge in a body lotion that will feed your skin. It will leave it silky smooth and naturally glowing and leave you confident and smiling. The new NIVEA Oil-In-Lotions are luxurious blends of NIVEA moisturising lotion and precious oils. Enjoy the ultra-moisturising lotion blended with precious Jojoba Oil or Almond oil in a fresh Cherry Blossom or rich Vanilla scent. Take a deep breath, breathe in the relaxing scents and feel your stress fall away.

Now you’re more than ready to seize the day and take on the world!

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