Nandi Madida’s must-have accessories for girls with short hair

Nandi Madida

Nandi Madida is known for her trademark short hairstyle. The singer is rarely seen with long hair such has braids or weaves. She loves her short hair, and who can blame her?

Not only does it look chic, but Nandi doesn’t have to worry about spending hours having her hair done, or doing it herself.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy playing around with her look.

1. Wear statement jewelry. Because there isn’t much Nandi can do with her short hair in terms of styles, she likes to add a wow factor to her look by accessorizing with statement earrings – which complement short hairstyles well.

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2. Try some cute hats. Nandi also enjoys accessorising with fabulous headpieces. From traditional headgear to funky hats, the singer knows how to keep things interesting.

3. Get creative. The budding fashion designer has a creative eye, which she uses to think up stylish ways to dress her short hair.

4. Play around with eye make-up. Short hairstyles like Nandi’s are simple and chic. But you can complement your hairdo with some fun eye make-up looks.

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5. Add some colour. Switch up your look by adding some hair dye. You can go from brunette to blonde, or a simple colour, in minutes.

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6. Wigs. If you get tired of wearing the same short hairdo every day, then play around with wigs like Nandi does.

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