Nailing It


So you’ve noticed celebrities posting pictures of their nails on Instagram and Twitter. The nail trend doesn’t only look glamorous, but expensive as well. All you can do is comment with a compliment, even though deep inside you know that those colors would look 10 times better on you. Well, if your mind works like mine and often wonders how you can achieve a cool look without breaking the bank, look no further because I’ve found something we can do ourselves during a slumber party with our friends. And, it costs next to nothing.

The look


The type we’re going for is polka dot nails. Celebrities love this easy-to-achieve trend because it’s quirky and creative. My inspiration for this is how the Ndebele people use vibrant colors in their art. So you take your cue from that by creating African inspired polka dot nails. You can choose any color you want and design the polka dots in any pattern you fancy. Go wild – this trend is dirt cheap, glam and do-able in less than an hour.

What you need


• 2 bottles of nail polish in different colors
• 1 bobby pin
• Some creativity

What to do

– Paint your nails with your desired nail polish color and wait for it to dry; remember that two coats are better than one.
– After it has dried, take your bobby pin and dip it in the second bottle of nail polish and design your polka dots by simply making slight dabs in any direction or pattern you want on your nails and wait for that to dry.

Congratulations, you have a trendy manicure! For more designs check our Instagram and Twitter pages on and