Nail It Like Rihanna


“That Rihanna Reign Just Won’t Let Up” Right? Our favourite good girl who went bad is back with a bang on Instagram. After six months of being banned from the social media site, Rihanna posted pictures of herself and friends partying up a storm.

We share our favourite nail trends Riri has nailed

Pink Panther

pink panther1

Swap bright and neons for soft, pastel colours. Riri wore the soft pink which allowed her to accessories her hands without clashing with the nails.

Tricks and tips

trick or tips

Accessorising your nails does not have to go overboard. Rihanna shows us how a change of shape and tip colour looks gorgeous. The black stiletto tips show an edgy side without trying too much.

Merry Christmas


As the festive season approaches we can’t help but wonder if the Christmas nails are needed. One can never overdo the Christmas spirit and Riri shows off her green and red nails.

Goldie locks

goldie locks

Metallic does not have to be full on glitter and bronze from root to tip. Rihanna wears her gold tips with a white mani line under and finished the nails off with golden spikes.

Lady in Red

lady in red

Red, the classic colour that can be wore on any occasion and will forever remain timeless. Match your nails with your lip and you will be ready to paint the town red.

Love lives here

love lives here

No matter how bad Rihanna may seem we all know she has a soft side. We love the heart nails which are easy to achieve. File your red nail tips straight and finish the look off with a stiletto. This will give yours nails the perfect heart shape you design.