Musa Mthombeni’s mom proposes to Thuso Mbedu on his behalf


Young love is the stuff that makes us gush.

Musa Mthombeni says his mother has reached a new level of needy

The TV and radio personality revealed on social media that his mother took matters into her own hands and approached his crush to ask her some serious questions.

Musa, who also now goes by Dr. Musa after becoming a qualified doctor, has publicly spoken about the huge crush he has on iEmmy nominated actress Thuso Mbedu.

So, when his dear mother spotted Thuso at Akhumzi Jezile’s funeral recently she decided to put in a good word for him.

“My mother cornered @ThusoMbedu after the funeral to ask her why she isn’t giving me a chance and HER grandchildren. My mom has reached a new level of needy!” Musa tweeted this week.


The name Thuso Mthombeni does have a nice ring to it. But Musa’s mother shouldn’t start the lobola negotiations just yet.

Thuso responded to Musa’s tweet, and let’s just say he is officially in the friendzone.

I love her. She’s the cutest mamzo. I never espededit. I’ll be better prepared next time,” she wrote, before adding, “Wait. Wait. Not saying there will be a next time”.


Poor, Musa. The former YoTV presenter has been crushing on Thuso for months.

He bumped into her on the 2018 2018 South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) red-carpet in March and shared two pictures from the encounter on Twitter.

“I’m ready to risk it all… Ready to default a few home loan repayments here… Ready to move to the homelands and start farming… Ready to be a father of 12…,” he captioned one image.

He then asked Thuso for her address so that he can send his uncle to her place to deliver a few cows.

Eish! Better luck next time, Musa. Well, that’s if there is even a next time.



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