Mouth-watering ways to use margarine


There are several adjectives that we can use to describe margarine – tasty, marvellous, mouth-watering!

But do you know what’s even better?

The fact that it complements our favourite meals! Margarine is commonly used as a   sandwich spread or as a substitute for sunflower oil. But there is so much more to this creamy, healthy spread! Flora products are enriched with the essential fats that your body needs. It’s high in Omega 3 and also contains vitamin A, D, and E.

Here are a few delicious ways to enjoy your tub of margarine:

1. Pancakes. It’s true; pancakes make the world go round! They’re fluffy and you can top them with the freshest berries and fruits or a yummy cinnamon and vanilla spread made with Flora Gold! Add melted Flora to the batter for added creaminess and flavour – you’ll instantly taste the difference!

2. Fish. If you love a freshly grilled piece of fish, then we may have found the perfect ingredient for added flavour – yes, you guessed right, margarine! Add some oil and margarine to the pan before frying, or melt some margarine with a sprinkle of garlic powder and dried herbs and pour over grilled fish. We’re salivating!

3. Cookies. With the festive season upon us, we’re spending more time cooking and baking up a storm. With that in mind, adding margarine to cookie dough batter can enhance their flavour and even make it crispy. But be warned, they’ll be finished before you know it!

4. Roast. There’s nothing like smelling the aroma of a delicious roast, seasoned with fresh herbs and spices, baking in the oven. What’s even better is that you can roast your meat in melted margarine for added flavour, or melt margarine with some spices and pour over potatoes before roasting in the oven.

Cook with Flora and enjoy healthy, tasty meals with your family.